The grass pad has been super convenient in the middle of the night, during meetings or just anytime Bo has to go and doesn't need a walk.  I can't imagine having a dog in an apartment without your service” - Scott & Bo

Best patch on the market and we have tried them all!  Great quality grass for our two Australian Sheperds and exceptional customer service” - Rosie

Grass4Paws has given me and Milo so much freedom.  I have it sitting on my balcony and Milo can go whenever he wants.  I can also work in his long walks around my busy WOH schedule and the busy elevator times in our building.  The weekly subscription works great for me too because I don’t have to remember to always place my order and I know our fresh patch will arrive every Friday.” - Becky & Milo

I got the grass last week for my dog and it's saved my life! Before I'd have to clean up a couple times a day, now I haven't done it in a week” - Michael

I was trying to train my puppy, Lexi, by using pee pads but they were pretty gross and she was still having accidents around the apartment.  My friend told me to check out Grass4Paws so I gave it a try.  I purchased one patch to start and Lexi went to it right away.  No more accidents and no more gross pee pads around the house!” - Sandra & Lexi

“These are by far the best grass pads on the market! - Jordan & Hank

Our dog, Rufus, is 13 now and was having trouble waiting until we got outside before going.  He was having accidents in the hallway, elevator and lobby.  We now have Grass4Paws on our balcony and it has been a huge help for us and our good old boy, Rufus.” - David, Angela & Rufus

I got Cannon during the pandemic when I was working from home.  I started going back to the office in September and am work long hours some days.  Cannon was having some serious anxiety and started peeing around the apartment so I decided to try Grass4Paws.  He took to it right away and he has been so much better since.” James & Cannon